Slot machines vs scratchers

slot machines vs scratchers

Askance, I should add isn't this why people will keep playing the SAME slot machine for hours, instead of randomly moving about the casino?. Which has better odds, playing lottery scratch offs or slot machines at Best Answer: Scratchers usually have a % return per dollar spent. In this article, we'll examine which of the two; slot or lottery, offers you the best chance statistically of a big win. The thrill of winning is the same but we examine. Reasoning by analogy to baseball cards, at least as recently as the mids, there was a certain manufacturer that always put a pack with a particularly valuable "rare" card in a particular location within a case of packages. So I was thinking the non-scratch off tickets have a better chance of being "lucky" at. What if there is one jackpot remaining, but it's an unpopular game with , unplayed tickets, while game B is popular with 25, outstanding tickets and no jackpot? Slot Machines Vs Scratchers Posted on February 13, by admin. So with those ten tickets, there's a maximum of two big prizes to be had. I think Scratch Offs are in terms of getting any type of win. What's your take on this? slot machines vs scratchers

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** SL vs Wife ** Part 1 ** Slot Lover ** I promise you, how you scatter your purchases has exactly 0 effect on your odds of winning. You can do these calculations for any casino game you want to play, including keno. Take advantage of the other amenities at the casino. The best thing I could come up with to increase my odds was to play the games that no one has won in a while. Currently we just have scratch off tickets and powerball. Winners Jackpot Games News. A person living one mile from a retailer selling Mega Million Lottery tickets is 3. I suspect a similar system is at least possible in rolls of scratch-off tickets. No guessing which store has a jackpot ticket in its inventory. As I say, if you can really find out that a given game has already had a winner or winners which I find hard to fathom, if so that changes things dramatically. With Mega Millions, the odds of winning something are 1 in Winds WSW at 5 to 10 mph..

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